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photojournalism, event, portrait, lifestyle, or documentary photography;  

video editing, videography, video producing

writing assignments, copy editing;

hosting, conducting interviewing and speaking engagements


Angelyn Francis is a freelance storyteller. Over her years working as a journalist, she's developed a skill for several mediums: writing, photography and video.

She is immensely curious about the world and the people who fill it. She is never without a question for the people she comes across. Angelyn Francis seeks to use her skills to shed light on marginalized communities in particular. 

She is passionate about covering race, gender, current affairs, music, culture, technology and art.  

She has worked as a writer and editor at The Huffington Post, an online editor at MSN and was most recently a video producer at Maclean's Magazine. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University. 

She has spoken on panels on diversity in media, media practices and the changing media landscape.