--- My work has appeared in The Huffington Post Canada, Shameless Magazine, Urbanology Magazine and The Ryersonian

Personal Essays

When 'What's Your Background' Turns Into A 20-Minute ArgumentThe Huffington Post Canada
I finally saw myself in a syllabusThe Ryersonian

Music, Art & Culture

How 'Black Wimmin Artist' Went From Whatsapp Group To Real-Life Community, HuffPost Canada
Writing While Bla_kUrbanology Magazine 
Inhale NAO, Exhale SoulUrbanology Magazine
Redefining African-Inspired FashionUrbanology Magazine
Matthew Progress: Remaining GroundedUrbanology Magazine
Kaytranada: A Fresh Take on House MusicUrbanology Magazine
Why The Outrage Over The Nina Simone Biopic Has Nothing To Do With Zoe SaldanaThe Huffington Post Canada
Ryerson student sets out across Canada to share 'True North Tales'The Ryersonian
Four Strings, Endless OptionsCanCulture
Poetry Speaks with Britta B.McClung's


Rebels with a CauseUrbanology Magazine
Touching Letter Explains Black Lives Matter To Asian FamiliesThe Huffington Post Canada
Canadian Students Reveal What It Means To Be #BlackOnCampusThe Huffington Post Canada
Hilary Duff's Halloween Costume Was Totally Tone-DeafThe Huffington Post Canada


#BeenRapedNeverReported: One Year LaterThe Huffington Post Canada
Montreal Massacre: Fight For Women's Safety Continues 26 Years OnThe Huffington Post Canada

Class and Race

Doing it for Ourselves: How to get fair pay in the creative industry, Shameless Magazine
TDSB Optional Attendance: Drake's High School May Close, Revealing Ugly Truth In Toronto, The Huffington Post Canada

Human Interest

Maritimer Danny McDonald Hits Personal Push-Up Record Of 200,000 In A YearThe Huffington Post Canada 
PhD graduate delivers Ryerson's first ASL thesis defenceThe Ryersonian


Victoria's Secret Releases Unretouched Photos Of Jasmine Tookes Wearing 2016 Fantasy Bra
86-Year-Old Grandma Millie Taylor-Morrison Was A Total Knock-Out In Her Wedding Dress
Beauty And Style Lessons We Learned From Carnival Masqueraders

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